Tour Artist
Luke Allsbrook
Paintings excecuted as Tour Artist on the
2005 State tour of HRH, The Prince of Wales
(All Collection of HRH The Prince of Wales)
In November of 2005, Luke Allsbrook served as “tour artist”
for HRH the Prince of Wales on his visit to the US. Prince
Charles has traditionally taken an artist along on state tours
as a way to support the arts and to document his trips. Mr.
Allsbrook was recommended for the position by a British
Artist he met on a painting trip in Normandy, France. As
tour artist, Allsbrook traveled with the Prince's staff,
executing painting and drawing sketches over a five day
period in the San Francisco area. Most of the paintings
produced on the trip capture the landscape of the organic
farms of Merin County. These farms were the focus of the
West Coast stage of the Prince’s tour.
"Sunlight on the Weber Farmhouse"
27x58 inches, oil on canvas, 2006
"Morning Clouds in Bear Valley"
oil on paper, 4x11 inches
"View From Arch Rock"
oil on paper, 4x11 inches
"Morning at Arch Rock"
oil on paper, 5x9 inches
"Golden Band, Marin Farm"
oil on paper 11x5 inches
"Lone Trees at Marin Farm"
oil on paper 11x5 inches
"Portrait of Ananya"
oil on paper, 11x8 inches
oil on paper,11x6 inches
"Sunlight on Weber Farmhouse"
oil on paper, 4x11 inches
"Misty Rain on Point Reyes"
oil on paper 5x11 inches