"Memory-Georgia, August, 8PM"
54x48 inches, oil on panel, 1999
This painting is a romantic vision. It’s about the end of
summer, the end of day. The season is at its most full,
ready to fall down towards autumn. The stars have come
out, but the last light of the sun is on the tallest pine tree
and reflected, with the dark treelines, in the upper
windows. In the half-light, shadows deepen under the
trees and fireflies are seen in the darkest areas of the
yard. Someone has come back from fishing, the red
taillights glowing on the pavement, and bluish smoke
rises from the grill. In the last light, a girl has wandered
out into the yard to play catch with her little dog, but
something has caused her to pause. The evening is
peaceful and still, yet alive with night sounds. She turns
and looks up into the sky.