"Vacation, Morning in the Garden"
54x54 inches, oil on canvas, 2004
This painting started out simply as a scene of a courtyard
with a little boy drawing on the pavement. Over him hovers
a clothes-hanging post, a reference to Christianity. In the
distance, just over the wall, the crashing ocean stands in
contrast to the sheltered courtyard where light flickers on
the whitewashed walls. The painting gradually grew into a
depiction of the Garden of Eden. The bushes in the alcove
turned into one tree, the little boy is drawing a picture of a
tree, a snake, and flowers. A little girl was added.
However, this is a new Garden of Eden. The old tree,
twisted and decayed, stands in the darkness to the right.
The girl sits eating food next to the boy. In the middle of
the garden is the cross, which has restored communion
and life between man and God.
Early Stages