"Vacation, Baptism"
91x36 inches, oil on canvas, 2003
Early Stages
This painting is about redemption. The painting sweeps
from foreground upwards into the sky. The eye starts with
the little boy. He is childlike faith. “Unless you turn round,
and become like children, you will never enter the
kingdom of heaven…” With him is associated the water,
the three cloths and wind. The water symbolizes baptism,
or the beginning of faith. The wind blowing the three cloths
symbolizes God. The three cloths and their colors
represent: white as forgiveness, red as the love or
sacrifice of God, and purple as the divinity or power of
God. The eye moves upward to the man. He is
associated with the darkened window. He is anxiously
striving to be moral, successful, liked, or fulfilled. The
blackened window represents bondage, weakness, or
evil. The upper half of the painting represents redemption.
The window is open. The walkway shoots out towards the
horizon and the bright waves, and the sky soars above. Of
course, all this content could be put aside. It is a beautiful
day on vacation, the middle of summer, midmorning at
the beach. There is a sense of freedom.